Saturday, December 14, 2013


It's been a while. Sorry to be away so long. I've news, though:

The fantastic Lea Graham was recently kind enough to include me in her feature on place at Atticus Review: Boo's Hollow. I've a short essay, an interview with Lea, and a poem available here: Danielle Pafunda is featured in the same Hollow, so don't forget to check out her really, really lovely work and responses, too.

Also, Jeff Simpson is running a greatest hits issue at The Fiddleback as a swan song while the journal goes into hibernation. He's included "Rockers" in the issue, with lots of other awesome work--every poem is a hit. Be sure to check out the yearly Poetry Book Round-Up, too.

"Small-Town Suicide," another poem, was recently featured at Blackbird. Helen Vitoria ran a couple poems in the July issue of thrush And I had a nice little conversation with Tyler Meier at The Kenyon Review

Many thanks for the love, Happy Holidays, and merry, merry, merry to you and yours.