Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now Hear This:

I've got a couple readings coming up at a couple very cool events, so if you're anywhere in the surrounding area, come out and say hi.

First, is the Slash Pine Poetry Festival, April 24th and 25th, all over Tuscaloosa, AL. Joseph P. Wood is putting this thing on, and it looks to be a beaut. Just check out the lineup, which features a ton of good folk, including friends Nate Pritts and Matt Hart, and the woman, Jan LaPerle. If you live anywhere near this thing, it should be a really good time. Come out.

Second, is The Tusculum Review launch party, featuring me and Brent House, April 30th, 7p.m. Editor-extroidanaire Wayne Thomas is putting this one on, and you should know some very good things are happening in Tusculum. Come out and get a copy of the new issue, see us read, shake some hands--it's not that far.


Joseph P. Wood said...

Thanks for the plug, man. Hope folks will come out and enjoy, although the sound of Alabama crickets are pleasing enough.

Clay Matthews said...

No problem, Joseph. Thanks for putting this thing on. We're really looking forward to it--crickets, concert-hall crowd, it should be a good show no matter.